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Bheselo - Buffalo Buy Sell - Buy and Sale Animal

   This application help to sell and buy animal likes buffalo, cow etc,
And rural people contact directly who want to sell or buy animals like buffalo, cow etc, and then can directly contact to the veterinary doctor when animals need any emergency.

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Bheselo App Searvice Provide To Buy And Sell Animals.

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Dwonlods apk

Farm houses are the residential building meant for the person working in the farm.
The farm house should never be placed to the leeward side of the farm building.
Attention to this point tends to prevent flies and smell from the manure heap being blown towards the dwelling houses.
Farm house should be located at windward side. The farm office should be located in the prominent place most probably at the center of the farm.
The manager’s house should be located at the entrance. This facilitates efficient supervision.
All the buildings in the farm should be grouped together for efficient operation. The related enterprises must be grouped.
The major enterprises which need more attention should be located nearer the farm office.
In mixed farming the piggery unit can be located away from the dairy unit as well as manager’s office.
b. Farm buildings or farmstead
These are meant for housing the livestock.
The farm buildings should be kept well away from the farm house and worker’s cottages.
But consideration must be given to the distances being not too great, otherwise stockmen or other animal attendants might be reluctant to turn out at night or in bad weather to give the animals the required attention.
c. Farm store
Farm store is meant for storage of feed materials as well as other farm products.
d. Quarantine shed
Quarantine shed should be located at the entrance of the farm.
So that new animals purchased from outside may be kept and if they are found to be free from diseases, it can be included in the farm.
e. Isolation shed
It should be located away from the healthy animal shed.

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